Business Trip to Dedeman Hall
 On Thursday the 17th of March under the direction of Dr. Victoria the class of public relations of the busi­ness faculty was formally invited to visit the Dedeman Hotel. During this visit the head of intern training gave an informative presentation about the history of the Dedeman Hotel and about the Hospitality Industry in general.
 Afterwards the newly appointed general man­ager of the Dedeman Hotel’s in Syria was kind enough to give the students a question and answer session in which he answer all questions with a sincere honesty. Next the Head of Public Relations gave a brief presentation detail­ing the inner workings of the P.R department. Lastly the Dedeman Hotel offered a selection of pastries and cakes accompanied by coffee and .last minute discussions

Teacher’s Day Celebration

In celebration of the National Teachers Day, A.I.U held a banquet to honor the hard work­ing Professors and Doctors of the University. This celebration was held on Saturday the 19th of March at the newly opened Cafe­teria in the business faculty building. It was a symbolic gesture to credit the men and women who have dedicated there lives to .mold the future generations of this country


High School Visits AIU

 AIU Over the past month Arab International University has invited high school seniors and juniors from a variety of Privet schools including; Al-Asiya High School, Al-Maiona High School, Al-Nour High School and Little Village School, in order to intro­duce them to the university, and offer them insights into the world of higher education and the credit system. All of which was done in an effort to broaden their horizons .and solidify their future goals Upon arrival the students were welcomed to the university and split into groups
 . The A-team divided their efforts and took the students on a tour of the university all the while explaining to them what each major will offer them and what it will mean for their future. Afterwards they were taken to the University auditorium were they were encouraged to ask any questions they had about the university. Finally the University hosted a lunch for them at the Billy’s cafeteria and they were .given symbolic gifts to remember their visit

Stress workshop

seems to be coming in overwhelming doses at professors, students and just people in general nowa­days. The Health and Environment Club organized the ‘Stress Management Workshop’ with Asst. Prof. Dr. M.Amer Saka Amini. This workshop talked about the stresses of the day to day life, and even more spe­cifically about the stressors affecting the university students. Dr. Amer then continued on to explain when stress is positive, and when it can have negative effects on the human body and psyche. The workshop’s main aim was to teach the students how to deal with their .stress, and not let it affect them negatively

 Rock Concert
 Rock Concert Through classic and hard rock music Flawless Divine has introduced them selves to the public in Arab International University and even to people from the outside of the uni­versity. The band members include Tamer and Amr on the guitar, Fadi on bass, Yousef singing, and Yazan on the drums. In their very first perform­ance in the university, they left a good impression on the audience by playing some good rock covers.
 The concert has started with some hard rock riffs to light up the stage and then some classic rock music. They proved they are a good band according to the pub­lic reaction and they also proved that they are good friends having fun and playing the music they love. We salute .their braveness and their hardwork in the name of the music
 Jazz Concert and Workshop

cooperation with the Ministry of Culture and the cultural center of the U.S. embassy, the Chris Byars Jazz Quartet came to AIU for a musical workshop and concert. During the workshop, the band played a few songs, and called up some students to showcase their musical talents. The Quartet also allowed the audience to join in on a song. The workshop ended with the concert in which the Chris Byars Jazz Quartet played beautiful jazz .music

Young Eyes
 The Photography Club Young Eyes was estab­lished in 2007 as barely an idea. Since then they have had six photography shows in the univer­sity, and four outside of the university. Young Eyes have also produced two installations, one of which was done in a bus, and the other was the Badieh Show.

 The last show started on the 12th of March and included the photos taken after attending a semester long workshop teach­ing technique to the level of being able to take light painting photographs. The display included 56 pictures which were admired by everyone that .passed by

Best Visual Award

AIU›s website won the EDU Web Best Visual Award among all of the universities in the Middle East. The EDU Web Awards are a member of the Pan Arab Web Awards which are awarded to the most distin­guished university websites of the Middle .East